Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI or MR) is among the safest and most comfortable medical imaging procedures available. It uses a highly powerful magnet with a sophisticated computer system and radio transmitter to produce accurate, high-resolution, detailed images of the body for diagnosis of a variety of medical conditions.  And, there is no ionizing radiation as there is in conventional x-rays.

At Bethesda MRI & CT, Virginia MRI, and Chevy Chase MRI & CT our machines are high-field (3.0T and 1.5T) systems.  These MRI machines have been designed with the latest hardware and software technology and designed for patient comfort.   The ultimate result from this combination of technology and comfort is faster and more accurate images.  One unique patient advantage of the Toshiba Vantage is how quiet it is compared to other MRI machines. You can hear the difference in the sound level’s between most MRI machines and ours on our home page. In addition to much lower noise levels, the Vantage also includes other patient comfort features such as an extra wide opening (65 cm) and ultra short tunnel.

Our new Philips Ingenia offers an ultra short tunnel, accoomdating patients up to 550lbs. Because the Ingenia is the 1st fully digital MRI system, the image quality is equivalnt to a 3.0 Telsa system. This means more comfort for patients, less claustrophobic feelings, and exceptional quality, which results in more precise images for physicians.

The newest addition to our MRI fleet is the Siemens Verio, 3.0T located at Bethesda MRI & CT on Tower Oaks Blvd. This technology offers the most advanced imaging while providing patients comfort with an extra-wide bore for larger patients.